An Unfortunate Announcement

I am very displeased to announce that I am forced to take a hiatus from blogging for the next month or so. The demands of work, school, and my looming future are such that I just can’t continue to provide the level of content that I’ve been giving here previously. Rather than delivering you half-baked, mediocre posts, I’ve decided it’s better to take a break and return in earnest around the middle of June.

I’ve gotten a lot of great response to the blog so far, and I’m really unhappy to have to stop now just as I’m getting my footing.  Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope you will pick back up with me in June!

In the meantime, I will continue to tweet vigorously, and you can follow me on Twitter under @paradisetossed. You can also follow my tweets, diggs, more personal posts, and other occasional internet exploits at my tumblelog.  With these two pieces of social media intact, I will hopefully not drop out of your internet lives altogether.

Again, thanks for your support, and until we speak again in June, keep writing!



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3 responses to “An Unfortunate Announcement

  1. paperbackjack

    I’ve got you on a feed and look forward to your return! Make sure you do, now! Cheers and good luck with your bits and pieces.

  2. JennieB

    Good luck with the balancing act; empathy from the UK!
    And have added you to my Lit Links section 🙂
    Jennie B x

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