The Wednesday Five

Another week has passed, and here we’ve arrived at the next five poetry recommendations:

1. Writers’ Cafe

I like to think of this site as Facebook for writers. It’s basically a social networking/blog-hosting community that is geared toward poets and authors of all kinds. The Contests section of the site is the most original part, allowing anyone who has an account to issue various writing challenges. If you’re looking to build a community with like-minded poets, this is the place for you.

2. Book Beast

While not technically a poetry site, this newish section of The Daily Beast’s popular news site is a one-stop shop for all kinds of literary information. Book Beast was one of the first places to break the story that Hudson River hero Sully Sullenberger would get a two-book deal, one of which would be a collection of poetry.

3. Fresh Water Writing

I must admit that I am slightly ambivalent about this pick, though I like it enough to mention it here. This very simple, Canadian html site is basically an application to be included on this tightly-controlled web publishing platform. While not taking advantage of some of the benefits that Web 2.0 has to offer, I like Fresh Water Writing because it’s old school. There is something to be said for having your work vetted, edited, and published on the web by an impartial third party.

4. The Poetry Foundation

It’s hard to be a poet on the web these days without quickly being introduced to this fantastic site. They offer so much content it’s difficult for me to summarize here. Suffice to say that if you need a one-stop source for poetry text, media, and news, you’ll find no better place on the web than this mainstream compendium.

5. Read Write Poem

This collaborative blog/poetry resource is managed by my new friend Deb Scott. This is a great project that’s fairly simple to get involved in: every Friday at GMT-5 a new poetry prompt is issued, and readers respond to the prompt a week later with original poems which are discussed on the site. It’s a great way to join a community which has a vested interest in helping you with your writing process.

That’s all for now! This Friday look for my review of the Touch Poet app for the iPhone or iPod Touch.


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